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Sweet Sue's Cookie Cart

Dry Cookie Mixes
Makes a 
Perfect Dozen
Fast, Easy, So

celebrate the simple moments in life!

Our cookie mixes .....

Homemade goodness in a bag

Sweet Sue's Handcrafted Cookie mixes are a great way to spend time with your children and grandchildren.   I alway love to have a cookie mix in my pantry to make at the spur of the moment.  Someone stopping by, Sweet Sue has your covered.

Made from only fresh ingredients. You can smell the aroma the moment you open the bag.  And when it bakes, the smell is so heavenly it takes you back to Grandma's house. 



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Sweet Sue's Cookie Cart

I have always loved baking, The problem for me was everything made so much.  I wanted a treat, not a mound of sweets.  So I have created small batch, handcrafted cookie mixes.  They make the perfect dozen homemade cookies, try eating them warm, fresh out of the oven So quick and easy to make,   Honestly,  you can make these on one commercial and eat them on the next.  


Image by Chelsea shapouri

Oatmeal Raisin

Peanut Butter Chip

Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate Mint

Pecan Sandie

"Cookies make everything better"




Sweet Sue's Cookie Mixes are the perfect Fundraising product.  Easy to sell,  Enough profit to support your organization & of course, delicious.

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